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Himpunan Belia Islam - Muslim Youth Assembly
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Welfare Bureau

Every month, grocery products such as rice, milk, sugar and vouchers will be given to the needy families within the community. Representatives from the welfare bureau will also conduct visits to the sick in hospitals or at their homes. Tokens will also be given to new born babies within the community.

Projek Sentuhan Ramadhan (Touch of Ramadhan)
In this collaboration with the women’s wing and the HBI youths, house visits will be conducted to the sick, needy and orphans within the community, in the month of Ramadhan. During the visit, tokens in the form of grocery products and cash will be given to these families depending on their needs.

Extending Help to Others
HBI’s contribution to the niche market of Shiites in Singapore is also extended to visitors from other countries. Due to our vast network within the Shiite community, HBI serves as a reference contact for many Shiites.

In 2003, HBI was tasked to give the janazah procedures for the conjoined Iranian twins, Ladan and Laleh Bijani. HBI was also responsible to give the janazah procedures to a Pakistani student in 2006. 

The welfare committee would like to extend our sincere thanks to the sponsors and volunteers for their time and support. May Allah SWT bless them for their unselfish and tireless effort to help those in need.