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Please write your answers on the same paper. One entry per family. In order to maintain fairness, participants are requested not to share their answers with others.



1.  Which Surah of the Holy Qur’an is related to Imam Husayn (a.s.)? (1 mark)


2.  Who was known as Sayyidush Shuhada before Imam Husayn (a.s.)?(1 mark)


3.  What were the 2 main principles for which Imam Husayn (a.s.) went to Karbala? (1 mark)


4.  How should we greet each other on the day of Aashura? (1 mark)


5.  Who was the first and only lady martyr in Karbala? (1 mark)


6. Who was Yazid-e-Thani (the 2nd Yazid) and what was his crime that he became another Yazid? (2 Marks)


7. What was the period (years) of Imamat of Imam Zainul Abideen (a.s.) (1 mark)


8. Who was the pious lady who gave refuge to Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel in Kufa? (1 mark)


9.  Another name of Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad. (1 mark)


10.  Mukhtar was jailed by Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad in a fearful underground prison. Who managed to get him released through her connections? (1)


11.  Who was blessed with the handkerchief of Bibi Fatema (a.s.) to stop his wound from bleeding? (1)


12.  In her Sermon in Kufa, Bibi Zainab (a.s.) described the people of Kufa as a community of………………………… and……………….   (1)


13.  Who gave the title of Aalimatul Ghaairul Muallimah to Bibi Zainab (a.s.)? (1)


14.  Who was the first host of Muslim bin Aqeel when he reached Kufa? (1)


15.  He and Mukhtar were in the same prison whilst Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel was martyred. What is his name? (1)


16.    What was Imam Sadiq (a.s.)’s response when he was questioned thus by one of the Banu Hashim about Aashura: (2 Marks)

“O son of the Messenger of All..h, how did the day of Aashura become a day of calamity and grief, of anguish and lamentation, more that the day on which the Messenger of All..h passed away, and the day on which Fatima died, and the day on which the Prince of Believers (Ali (a.s.) was killed and the day on which Hassan was murdered by poison?”



17.   What did Bibi Umm Kulsum remark to the Kufians when they tried to give sadaqa to the children of Aal-e-Rasul? (1)



18.  Whilst returning to Medina what were Bibi Ummi Kulsum’s words when she first saw the dome of her Grandfather’s Roza? (1)



19.   What did Bibi Zainab (a.s.) invoke to All..h (SWT) when she saw Imam Husayn’s martyred body? (1)



20.  Bibi Zainab (a.s.) saved Imam Sajjad’s life many times. Mention 3 such incidence. (3 Marks)



21.  What is the famous line of Bibi Zainab (a.s.), which was the answer to Ibn-e-Ziyad’s question: (“How do you see that which All..h (SWT) has done to your brother?), and it shows how strong she was even in time of extreme adversities? (1)



22. Why did Yazid free Imam Zainul Aabideen (a.s.)? (1)



23.      Identify these Heroes of Karbala (2-1/2 Marks)

ø  One of the bravest and fearless men in the army of Imam Husayn in Karbala. He was so old that he had to tie a piece of cloth around his forehead just to keep his eyebrows from falling on top of his eyes.  He was Muslim Ibn Aqeel’s messenger to Imam Husayn telling him that the people of Kufa had agreed to fight with Imam Husayn.  His story is well known on the day of Ashura, when he challenged the enemies but no one would dare to confront him individually, so he removed his armor and helmet and charged them considering his head a helmet and his chastity armor. The enemies surrounded him from all sides and killed him.


ø  He was a servant to AbuDhar Al Ghifary, a close companion of Imam Ali.  He returned to Madina after Abu Dhar was banished by the third caliph and became loyal to the Ahlulbayt.  He was in the service of Imam Ali, Imam Hassan, Imam Husayn, and Imam Ali Ibn Al-Husayn.  He came to Karbala with Imam Husayn and was responsible for fixing and preparing the swords and various other weapons.  He fought with the Imam until he was killed.  The Imam then prayed to All..h (SWT) for him.     


ø  He is always mentioned along with Jabir Ibn Abdullah, a companion of the Prophet (SAWW).  They were the first to visit Imam Husayn’s burial place forty days after his martyrdom.  Because Jabir Ibn Abdullah Al Ansari was blind, he guided him to the grave.  He was among the best Shia in science and speech.  He was born in Kufa during the reign of Imam Ali and it was the Imam who named him so.  In the days of the tyrant Al-Hajjaj, an order was placed to capture him, as was the cause with all the followers of the Prophet’s household.  Finally he was caught in Persia and was told to curse Imam Ali, but he refused to.  Al-Hajjaj then ordered to whip him 400 times and beat his beard and head.  He died in 111 AH in Kufa.     


ø  Amongst the martyrs of Karbala, he was known for reading the Qur’an

and teaching it to others.  He was known for his bravery in Kufa.  Originally from the tribe of "Hamadan", he was called ’Sayyed Al Qurra’a, Master of the Reciters.  In Karbala, he tried to guide Omar Ibn Sa’ad to the right path and leave Yazeed Ibn Mu’awiya, but to no avail.  He was killed early in Karbala right after the martyrdom of Al Hur Ibn Yazid Al-riyahi.


ø  He was a lover of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) and among Kufa’s dignitaries. He was one of the best Qari of the Holy Quran and the Chief of Banu Murad. He fought all 3 battles with Imam Ali (as) during the Imam’s Caliphate and gave refuge to Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel.


24.      Who said the following on the day of Aashura and on what occasion?    (3 Marks)


(a)       “I have heard the messenger of All..h declaring that ‘Hasan and Husayn are from my flesh and blood, and it is obligatory on everyone to obey and love them as much as I myself love them.’ So, if I desert you now, am I not responsible before the messenger of All..h? I will not tolerate a tyrant and infidel to harm you. We shall make ourselves a shield to defend and protect Husayn, the example of virtue and righteousness.”




 (b)      "No, by All..h! This I shall never do. What? Me a deserter of the child of All..h’s Messenger, forsaking him while he is a prisoner in the hands of his enemies, and saving my own life! May All..h not let me live to commit such disloyalty."




 (c)      By All..h! We are closer to the Holy Prophet.

I will attack you with my spear until it gets bent,

I will defend……..………. with my sharp sword

as it is expected from a Hashimite - ‘Alvite youth,

How dare Ibn Ziyad issue orders about us!”




(d)       “Whenever death comes after me, I am never scared of it,

In facing valiant, I will throw them down with my sword.

I am protector and guardian of the Holy Prophet’s son,

I am………………………………………………………..

And when I will meet the death – I am not afraid at all.




   (e)       “If you don’t already know me, I am Ja’far Tayyar’s son

The exalted and truthful martyr who is in the Paradise

Where he flies with his two green wings in the Paradise

This distinction is sufficient for us on the Judgment Day”




 (f)       “If you don’t know me – I am the son of ………., who is

the son of the distinguished Holy Prophet.

This is al-Husayn, like a prisoner among this group,

May All..h (SWT) deprive them of the rain from the sky.”                



25.    Which Imam declared this and who is the other personality mentioned  along with Imam      Husayn (as)? (1) 

"The murderers of both, ……………………………… well as Imam     Husayn (a.s.) were illegitimate. The heavens have not wept, except on account of the martyrdom of both of them."   


     26.   Unjumble these ahadith (1-1/2 Marks)

  (a)     The Holy Prophet (SAWW) has said this regarding the Heat of Husayni  Love:

“never respect subsides to the the hearts of Mu’ mineen, Surely, in there a Husain (A.S.), exists with the heat martyrdom of that”






  (b)     Imam Reza (A.S.) has said this regarding Aashura (the day of grief):

“grief The Day of Judgment, a day of Allah The Mighty, The Glorious, one for whom the day of Aashura is and weeping, shall make the a day tragedy, of joy and happiness for him”




  (c)     Imam ’Ali (A.S.) has said this regarding Shi’ites:

happiness and sadness chosen for us followers (Shi’ites)

Surely, who Allah has assist us are happy and sad at our are in