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HBI also forge commendable ties with other organizations

HBI send representatives to external invitations from other organizations. HBI had also launched 2 fund raising campaigns amongst the Shiite community serving these purposes: Helping the flood victims in Yemen. The fund raising was held in accordance with the celebration of the birth anniversary of Imam Ali Ar-Redha (as) held at Husainiyah az-Zahra on 9/11/08. A sum of $500 was collected and donated to the Singapore Arab Association, Al-Wehda. A total of $4,000 was successfully garnered throughout the month of Muharram and channeled to the Fund Raising for Victims of the Gaza Conflict, an initiative by MUIS.

A Session with Sheikh Ahmad Badar Hassoun, The Grand Mufti of Syria

On 30th May 2009, we were fortunate to receive an invitation to attend a sharing session with the Grand Mufti of Syria on the role of youth in inter-faith works at the Harmony Centre. The 1-hour session was attended by youths from all faiths including 4 youths who represented the Shia community. Sheikh Ahmad mentioned that every minority will have fears about their descendents and will not want to mix with others; for fear that they may lose their identity. But inter-faith dialogues should be seen as an instrument that not only foster better understanding amongst the different religious groups, but it also increases one’s knowledge of one’s own religious belief, thus strengthening one’s religious identity.

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Inter-Faith Dialogue Session (Engaging in Dialogue: The Way Forward)

On 30/5/09, the Shia youths hosted an inter-faith dialogue session at Imam Bargha. The session is open to 30 youths aged between 17 to 35 years old. Ustaz Rosli Hassan gave a talk on Shiism and what the faith entails. This was followed by a Q&A session and a smaller group discussion discussing the theme of the day – Women in Faith. Many of our Shia brothers and sisters shared stories on Bibi Khadijah a.s and Bibi Fatimah a.s. while friends of other faiths shared on the position of women in their respective faiths. With this, we hope to engage in a meaningful and focused inter-faith dialogue where everyone can learn and understand each other’s faith better. This program is organized by South East CDC, a network partner of the People’s Association.

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Procession During Maulid Rasul

On 11/4/09, the Shia community in Singapore sent a contingent of more than 60 people to participate in a mass procession at Tampines Stadium, celebrating the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. organized by Jamiyah. This event also featured representatives from other Muslim organizations in Singapore.

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